selling your vessel - FAQ

If you are selling your vessel, whatever it is, I give you the full brokerage service from start to finish at very reasonable rates, My Commission rates are lower than most other brokers

For Example:

 EXCLUSIVE sales contract 
If I am the Sole Broker I charge 2% of the sale price. Please note that for sales under £100,000 the fee is £2,000

 NON EXCUSIVE sales contract 
if there are other brokers involved I charge 5% of the asking price. Please note that for sales under £50,000 the fee is £2,000

 DISTANT sales contract   
This means that if you are in say the South of France that I post your vessel on my website and find a buyer but do not travel to the viewing and do not travel to photograph or collect the details. The fee for this is 1% or £1,000 if the Sale Price is under £100,000

 Sales over £200,000 - commission by negotiation


Q. Is there a best time to sell my boat?

A. Not really, Winter or summer buyers are always on the lookout for a vessl that will suit them, I even have enqiries on Xmas day.


Q. Do you come to visit my barge/boat or do you just sit behind a computer?

A. I try to see every boat personally and to meet the Vendor as I need to know every detail of the vessel that I am selling, they are all different therefore it is important that I visit if I can.


Q. Will you value my vessel for me?

A. Yes I can help to value your boat for you but when asking a price there are several principles to bear in mind:

1 .A boat is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay

2. If the market is weak then you may not always get what you paid for it in the good times

3. Most buyers have a wish list and there has never been a boat or barge built that provides all the items required, if you have a lot of them you are more likely to sell your vessel

4. You may have lots of advice on prices from well meaning friends, remember they do not have to sell your boat

5. You may compare your boat with others on the market but  they still have not sold, My best advice is be realistic and your boat will sell


Q. Is the listing of my boat on this website completly free?

A. Yes, we carge a commission only if the barge sells through us


Q. How do I list my vessel on this site?

A.  Hit the Blue box near the top left of this page and fill in the short form, I will contact you back as soon as I can.


Q. What if I change my mind or sell the vessel on my own?

A. No problem, just contact me to let me know at >>>>   [email protected]


Q. What will happen if I want to adjust the asking price?

A. Again just contact me >>>  [email protected]


Q. What happens if a prospective buyer wishes to view my vessel?

A. I will contact you for an appointment


Q. How long will my listing run?

A. Indefinitely, please contact me if your vessel has sold, I will contact you from time to time to see if your vessel is still available


Q. Do I have to sign a contract binding me to any agreement?

A. No, My Company is run on trust and I will do the best that I can for you, we work together and my clients seldom let me down.



 More Frequently Asked Questions and answers to come






Why sell through me?
 Low Commission Rates
 Many boat sales to worldwide cutomers
 Personal Service

 Register of people waiting to buy

After sales services
Project management
Drydockings and paintwork
Engineering and steelwork
Surveys and reports (in English)
Moorings (Annual or Winter only)
Deliveries & assisted passages
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